Two Hurricanes that stopped us in our tracks!

As a new resident to Florida, Hurricane Irma was my first hurricane experience. It was an incredible experience.  The build up and preparations were exhausting.  The hurricane itself was amazingly powerful.  Thirty hours of staying home with no electricity and nothing to do but listen to nature.  And she had a powerful message.  The aftermath was extremely difficult with no power for 8 long days.  My first hot meal after the long lapse was incredibly memorable.

 The two powerful hurricanes are reminders of the strength of nature. But as I saw property destroyed and possessions vanished, I was also reminded of how strong we are as people when we stand together. Together with our families, communities, neighborhoods, and clients. Together to rebuild and restore.

I am proud to work with the team at Luminous and see the positive attitude of our team in preparing for Hurricane Irma, and in the days following the storm. With no power or phones but always smiling and willing to serve whomever needed us, whatever it took ... It is together that we persevere. This spirit has continued as we drive our glass throughout the State to make deliveries and as we pack containers and crates for our Caribbean clients and partners. Our drivers are working extra long hours to cover more distant parts of Florida impacted by Irma. We will soon start shipping to Puerto Rico, which makes me happy to know we are doing our part and can deliver quality products to the Island.

We remain committed to our neighbors and partners. Now through the end of October we will make one dollar donation for each sale to the American Red Cross humanitarian efforts that assist victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

We thank you for your continued loyalty and friendship and hope to speak with you soon!

On a personal note, our company has an employee who was in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria and who we have not been able to reach for three weeks. Ana has worked for Luminous Glass for almost six years and has helped build our company.  She is the person who always has the fun holiday outfit that makes us smile. We miss her dearly.  We pray for her and her family.  Please send her your thoughts and prayers during this time which must be incredibly trying for her.  

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Luminous Glass Solutions--Our Story

Founded in July, 2011 by Kristin Hayes, CEO, and Ismael Figueroa, Warehouse Manager, Luminous Glass Solutions is dedicated to enhancing the beauty and functionality of glass through the glass, mirror and metal products we create.  

Our entire team is dedicated to enhancing the beauty and safety of glass, whether it is the factory worker who is cutting and polishing a glass shower door, our purchasing agent who is searching the globe for the most unique glass and metal products available, or our driver who is delivering our finished product to your job site.

Since 2011, Kristin and Ismael have been joined by a dedicated group of glass experts and professionals who  partner with our clients to create successful projects.

A woman-owned business serving both large corporate customers as well as local  Miami and South Florida glass and glazing customers, Kristin founded the company with a vision of empowering employees to become better professionals and people through their work at the company.  We believe this results in better customer service and better products and projects.

Kristin has worked for several of the largest food and beverage distribution companies in the world and brings a wealth of experience to her role as CEO.  Kristin holds degrees from Harvard University and Princeton University.

Robin, Our Office Manager, Taking a Customer Call

Robin, Our Office Manager, Taking a Customer Call

WE are the CHAMPIONS, my friends....

WE are the CHAMPIONS, my friends....

From left, Kristin CEO and Ismael (first employees) were joined by Jose and Robin to create the premier customer oriented glass company in S. Florida-- Luminous Glass Solutions

From left, Kristin CEO and Ismael (first employees) were joined by Jose and Robin to create the premier customer oriented glass company in S. Florida-- Luminous Glass Solutions

What is tempered glass?

I love showing the Luminous Glass factory to clients and friends.  I am so proud of our state of the art tempering furnace, which is one of a handful in Florida.  We at Luminous love this furnace.  we believe that with our care and expertise, the Luminous Glass furnace produces the highest quality tempered glass in the country.  Our loyal customers agree that our product truly is beautiful and strong.

During the tour yesterday, a brave tour participant asked a very good question, " What is tempered glass?" 

That is a GREAT QUESTION!!  The reality is that most of the world does not understand this miracle of tempered glass. 

Tempered glass is glass that has been reheated to a temperature between 500-600 degrees.  This extreme heat reconstitutes the glass at a molecular level.  As a result of being tempered, glass does not break into shards but it breaks into small pebbles.  This makes it safe to be in your home or in your office. 

Our furnace tempers the glass in a three stage process along an assembly line that is 200 feet long.  The first stage is to wash the glass to make sure any particles are removed.  Secondly, we heat the glass to 500-600 degrees in a giant oven that is on a series of rollers so that the glass is constantly in motion while it is being heated.  Finally, the glass is rolled to a giant cooling chamber that cools the red hot glass evenly with a huge fan. 

My favorite stage is the cooling stage.  At this stage,  the gentle, rhythmic sound of the heated furnace and rollers turns off and the blast of the giant cooling fan turns on with a sound of power that reminds me of the climax of a Beethoven symphony.  We at Luminous Glass all hear this symphony and believe it truly rivals Beethoven's 9th.  

Come by and hear for yourself.  Call us at 305-621-1670 to learn more.

Take care and don't forget to notice the miracles and the miraculous glass around you today!


A common design mistake to avoid

Glass is a beautiful and important part of creating a modern home.  It is used to create beautiful shower doors, mirrors, back splashes and tabletops.  The most common mistake I see designers make in the use of glass is not using thick enough glass for tabletops and counter tops.  Thick glass tabletops create a real statement and add beauty at a relatively small price premium to thin glass alternatives

Glass comes in various thicknesses --most commonly from 1/16 thick to 1 inch thick.  The most common thickness for home interiors is 3/8 glass, which is commonly used in shower doors and glass partitions.   Often, home owners will not know that there are alternatives.  Homeowner commonly select 3/8 glass for everything, including coffee tables, kitchen counter tops and dining tables.  I recommend thicker glass for these applications. 

The coffee or dining table is the center of the room and is where we gather with friends and family.  It warrants an investment in thicker glass. Make a statement.

Luminous Glass carries a range of thick glass for table tops.  We ship across the US and the Caribbean.  Call us today at 305-621-1670 or email me at today to place your order.

Thanks and remember to notice glass!  It's a miracle!


The invention of the float glass production process--it started in a bathtub

There are hundreds of float glass production plants throughout the world--35 here in the US alone, each costing over $50 million to build.  A lot of investment to say the least. From this process, we produce glass that is perfectly flat and clear, with none of the imperfections that our ancestors had to deal with.  Yet, do you know who invented this process?  It all started in a bath tub.

Prior to the mid 1900's, glass was made from heated sand and then pulled like taffy to make it straight and clear.  Yet, it was never perfect.  It had variances in thickness and clarity.  This problem really bothered a gentleman by the name of Mr. Pilkington.  He wanted something better.  One evening, he was pondering this problem in his bath.  This was in the early 1900's, so he had a candle by his tub to light the room.  The candle dripped wax into the tub.  Yet, this wax didn't dissipate in the tub,  It floated.  In fact, it created a perfectly smooth service when it floated in the tub.  Eureka! An idea was born.

Mr. Pilkington ran to his factory the next day.  What material would molten glass float in like the wax in his bath tub?  His scientists told him that molten tin heated to 4,000 degrees would separate from molten glass.  Mr. Pilkington created a molten tin/molten glass bath in his factory.  The glass separated from the tin and was perfectly smooth, just like the window glass that we all see on a daily basis and take for granted.  The first float glass factory was born!!!

Tour of a Glass Fabrication Factory

Have you ever wondered how glass is cut to make a shower door?  How do you polish the edges of a sharp piece of glass to create a smooth tabletop?  Take a tour of the Luminous Glass Solutions factory in Miami Florida to learn about the people and machines that make products like shower doors, table tops, window glass and patio doors.  Click this link to get the tour.


Guardian Industries and ShowerGuard Protected Shower Doors

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Ever wonder why shower door glass becomes “foggy” over time?  Older showers seem to get a white haze at the bottom of the glass.  It has always been a mystery to me until I got into the shower door manufacturing business.

The reason for this white appearance is that calcium from the water penetrates the pores of the glass and overtime builds up enough to be visible.  Once this build up occurs, it is nearly impossible to remove the film.  But now,  calcium build up can be prevented through a film called ShowerGuard applied to the glass during production.  ShowerGuard seals the pores in the glass to prevent calcium from adhering to the glass.

Luminous Glass has been approved by the manufacturer of ShowerGuard, Guardian Glass, to fabricate glass that has been processed with this unique ion beam process.   The product has a lifetime warranty.

Please call us at 305-621-1670 or 305-884-5244 for more information or to purchase your shower door today.

Yours Truly,

Kristin at Luminous Glass Solutions

Kawneer Architectural Metals

Kawneer is the oldest name in architectural metal products in the United States with a rich 100 year history creating beautiful, safe and strong metal storefronts.  Does older mean better?  In this case, YES!

Kawneer has the widest selection of products and top notch engineers who are  constantly improving the strength, appearance and reliability of Kawneer metal products.  The Kawneer systems fit together beautifully and are easy to install. The Kawneer engineering department has worked tirelessly to create door systems door joints that are welded together and therefore stronger than any other storefront.  However, these hinges are ingeniously concealed behind clean, almost seamless exterior construction.  Kawneer systems show less screws, seams and joints than competitor systems.  No wonder top clients like Starbucks and Tiffany’s specify Kawneer systems.  They like the exceptional quality and look of the materials.

Here is why you should call Luminous Glass regarding your storefront and glass needs today:

1.      Luminous Glass carries a full line of Kawneer products.

2.     We have storefront doors in stock ready for immediate delivery.

3.     We have a friendly, knowledgeable staff ready to answer your questions today.

4.     We have an expert estimator ready to help you bid your job and get the order.

Why not call today?  

Kristin,  CEO,  Luminous Glass

Glass Building Envelop and Florida Building Codes

Home » Blog » Glass Building Envelop and the 2010 Florida Building Codes

New Florida Building Code standards becomes effective on June 30, 2015!  How will these changes impact you?

The first major change is to the wind speed map.  Earlier high wind speed maps  once applied primarily to Miami-Dade county.  Now parts of Orlando, Tampa and even Flagler County are included in the 140 mph wind zone for essential buildings like hospitals and government buildings.  These standards will keep more Floridians safe in case of a hurricane.

As a Kawneer distributor, Luminous Glass is proud to say that Kawneer is the only major storefront and curtain wall company with current Miami-Dade NOA’s met for their full product line.  This gives installers and purchasers the insurance that their project will meet the highest standards of inspection and pass final inspection requirements.  Kawneer meets the tough Miami-Dad NOA standards through 2019.  No other metal producer can make this claim.

Secondly,  the Florida Building Code adopts 2012 International Energy Conservation Code to Florida.  The IECC 2012 codes set requirements for heat transmissions, air infiltration and condensation resistance through out the entire building envelop.  Florida is rich in natural beauty and these requirements will help our beautiful state remain beautiful for generations to come. Now essential buildings in our State must improve the level of heat transmission.  Have you ever seen condensation outside your home windows or favorite local store on a particularly hot Florida morning?  The condensation reflects that the interior coolness from the air conditioning is being transmitted to the outside of the house or store at a less than optimal rate.  Cooling costs rise and air conditioners get unnecessary wear and tear.

One way of addressing this loss of air conditioning to the outside is to purchase insulated windows.  Kawneer has a line of thermally optimized storefront and curtain walls.  Luminous Glass sells insulated glass to create windows that will be better for our environment.  Please call us today to learn more at 305-621-1670.

To your safety and our beautiful environment,

Kristin       CEO ,  Luminous Glass

Luminous Glass Introduces New Line of Designer Pattern Glass

Home » Blog » Luminous Glass introduces new line of Designer Pattern Glass

Polka Glass.jpg

Want something totally unique for your bathroom?  Why not try a unique custom shower door made with one of our exclusive patterns from our LGD Designer Glass Collection? My personal favorite is our pattern “Dots to You Polka ” Glass.  It is thick clear glass with small dots throughout.  Polka dots are fun, playful and uplifting.  What better way to start your day then taking a shower behind our lovely Polka Dot Glass door! It is a classic. mid-century style that is very current but totally unique.

Dots to you, Baby,

Yours Truly,  Kristin

Mirror and black spots on mirror

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Black spots on mirror are the most costly quality problem in wholesale glass and mirror distribution.  But what causes these annoying imperfections?  Dust that gets on the glass during the silvering process and unevenly applied silver are all issues.  But the quality of the glass itself can cause problems.  “Mirror-grade glass” is the highest standard of float glass and ensures optimal adherence of silver to the glass.  Unfortunately, as energy, silver and other raw materials costs rise, some mirror manufacturers are using “glazing quality glass” rather than “mirror grade glass” during the silvering process.

Luminous Glass is diligent in ensuring its mirror manufacturers use mirror grade glass so that our mirror is the highest quality.  Our mirror suppliers include Guardian,  Gardner and Binswangermirror…among the highest quality mirror manufacturers in the world.

In April,  I am excited to introduce an exclusive line of mirror products.  Please stay tuned for the new “LGD Elite” line of mirrors.  The LGD team is combing the globe in search of the highest quality products to sell under the LGD Elite label.  I will be in Italy and China in the coming weeks meeting with manufacturers and reviewing their production processes.  It will be exhausting but I can hardly wait.

Stay tuned to learn more about LGD Elite and other high quality, cost effective products from Luminous Glass!!!

Yours Truly,

Kristin Hayes, CEO, Luminous Glass Distributors